Humble Acres
Perennials and Grasses

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Welcome to Humble Acres!

Want to find an absolute mecca of beautiful, healthy and affordable plants? Then come on down to Humble Acres. 

We are a small, family-owned, perennial and grass (oh, and more) grower of hundreds of your garden favorites.

We have lots of tried and true garden warriors, and
we are always adding new and fun plants to get excited about too!
We can't help it, we have the collector gene too!  
Our grass collection is ever expanding, we have over 100 hosta varieties, 
and of course, there are loads of zone hardy perennials to choose from.

 We do our best to use sustainable growing methods to keep gaia happy and healthy for your kids, my kids and the 'kid in you' for many years to come. All of that takes a LOT of work, a watchful eye, and a curious mind to stay open to new information. (Sometimes, that new information is just recycled wisdom that you weren't paying attention to the first time. Sigh.)

May to October
9am to 8pm
(weather permitting)

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